Canoe is a one-stop shop for small business services. We provide on-going services and support so small business owners can consolidate their services to one point-of-contact: Canoe Consulting.

About Canoe Consulting

Core Values:
  • We are collaborative: We trust each other’s integrity and ability, cherish our shared experiences, celebrate our achievements, and appreciate one another.
  • We are goal-achievers: At Canoe Consulting, you can determine your own success and make a real difference by accomplishing the goals you set.
  • We take ownership: Our employees take ownership of their personal and professional development. Both success and failures, strength and weaknesses.
  • We are honest: We value open, honest, respectful communication.
  • We are kind: We believe great service begins with showing courtesy to everyone – clients and coworkers, alike.
  • We are empowered: We take initiative and, together, support your efforts to deliver exceptional service
  • Be recognized: We value people who drive results and we regularly recognize outstanding performance – whether you’re helping a client or supporting our team.

Meet the Owner


I love helping others find success while doing what they love.

In 2012, I began helping small businesses tell their story through websites and branding. Once the website and graphic design projects were completed, though, I found myself sticking around to help meet other needs: scheduling, invoicing, bookkeeping, and marketing.

As I started wearing multiple hats, I realized that I would not be able to keep up as my current and new clients grew unless I had a team. And that is how Canoe Consulting began.

When I’m not connecting with small business owners or collaborating with our team of professionals, you can find me on my trials dirt bike with my husband in the beautiful mountains of Kahuku, reading books, surfing (or napping under an umbrella) and working through my never-ending list of foods to eat and places to visit, locally and globally. – Janean Abbott