Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Canoe?

Canoe is a collaboration of professionals in different industries. We create teams for each client based on who we think will best meet the client’s needs and goals. Clients have the option to meet their team members or only work with their client specialist.

What is Canoe Consulting?

What exactly is Canoe Consulting?

You’ve probably read it on our website already, but we are a one-stop shop for small business services, providing ongoing support in marketing, administrative assistance, bookkeeping/accounting, and graphic design.

That’s it.

Where is Canoe?

Canoe is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our goal is to see local small businesses thriving, and therefore, at this time, we mainly focus our attention on businesses based in Hawaii; although, we are open to working with other U.S. based companies.

Why Canoe?

The “why” behind Canoe is pretty simple: too many business owners are trying to manage it all and overwhelmed with trying to maintain client services, products, inventory, bookkeeping, emails, calendars, marketing, and everything else that comes with running a business..

Canoe exists to help business owners reach (and exceed) their goals by managing these important tasks. This frees the business owner to focus on reaching goals, whether it’s growing the business, better work-life balance, more time doing what they love and focusing on why they started their business.

With Canoe, business owners no longer have to do it on their own. They don’t have to coordinate with various professionals. Canoe takes care of these tasks and keeps the business owner posted along the way.

The Process (Simplified)

01. Research

This is where we become experts on you and your business. We want to know as much about you and your business as possible.

02. Design

Our collaborative team of professionals designs a tailored strategy to meet the unique needs of your business.

03. Implement

Our team coordinates and implements your services We are with you each step of the way so that you can get back to focusing on what you love.

The Process (Detailed)

Step 1: Free Consultation

We meet with a small business owner to get to know their business, needs, and goals. Based off of this initial consultation, our team determines if we are the best fit to help the small business owner reach or exceed goals.

If we think we’re a great fit, then one client specialist will be assigned to work with the business owner. The client specialist will work to become our team’s expert on the business and be the business owner’s point of contact for all questions and services.

If we don’t think we’re the best fit, we will let you know right away. If available, we provide recommendations.

Step 2: Business Assessment

The business assessment involves a questionnaire that we prefer to review in person but can be completed digitally based on the business owner’s preference and availability. The answers to these questions will allow us to identify areas of needs.

Step 3: Proposal

Our team will put together a proposal including all areas of services (marketing, admin, accounting, design). We will review the proposal with the business owner, which will list service specifics and include one price for all services.

Step 4: Integration

Once the proposal is approved, we begin integrating services. This transition period looks different for each client based on needs and services.

Step 5: Review

Initially, we will have ongoing reviews with the business owner to ensure the smoothest possible on-boarding transition. Once the transition has been completed, we will agree upon the ongoing review frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

The Pace

We can have your services up and running as fast as you’re able to get us the information we need. As we work through the on-boarding process, you are provided with step-by-step guidance as we implement your tailored strategy and services.

We know you’re busy, and we can’t wait until your busy doing what you love and leaving the rest to us.

The Price

How much are your services:

We want to charge our clients fairly for the on-going services they need. Therefore, we would love to chat with you about your needs and your budget. We can tell you this much, though: we have not yet had to turn away one client due to our costs. We love to keep things simple, affordable, and effective.

Do you offer discounts:

No. We want to charge our clients fairly and consistently. Everyone gets the same, good deal.

We do have a simple referral program.

Get $100 off of your next month of services
What if I pay for a year up front?

Awesome. We’ll invest that money right away into our ongoing initiatives to better the overall client experience and services. As our thanks, we’ll give you 12 months of service for the price of 11 months. Just let us know when we’re setting up your account.